AC/Heater Repair

You Car's Air Conditioner & Heater

It is never a good time to be uncomfortable in your car or truck, especially in Tulsa, where we have temperature swings from -20 F to 115 F.

Your vehicle’s A/C, or heater system has to work properly. Poor winter heater performance could be caused by your engine’s coolant system not operating at it’s peak performance. Interparts Auto offers all coolant services such as the BG Coolant exchange and flush service. This service flushes out your complete coolant system and puts back the correct ratio and precise amount of antifreeze. In today’s newer cars, the antifreeze is now vehicle specific. The wrong type of antifreeze, or the incorrect ratio, could lead to damage to your vehicle’s coolant system and/or engine. And never forget that antifreeze not only takes heat away from critical engine parts, but it also lubricates vital engine components such as the water pump. Schedule an appointment for Interparts to inspect the radiator hoses and coolant system of your vehicle. REMEMBER: NEVER CHECK A VEHICLE’S COOLANT SYSTEM WHILE IT IS HOT, OR SEVERE BURNING COULD OCCUR.
Only check the pressurized system when you are absolutely positive that it is completely cold.
You Car's Air Conditioner & Heater
Another thing to remember is that your vehicle’s air conditioning system helps defrost iced up windows. A popular misconception is that your vehicle A/C system only cools you down. Really, a properly operating A/C system takes heat away by condensing and evaporation. It is critical that the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning system be 100% exact. Too much refrigerant can cause over pressurization in the A/C system. This can lead to major faults and failures. Undercharged systems or leaks will cause your A/C system to shut down and not work properly.
At Interparts, we would be happy to explain how, where, and why your coolant system should be checked. Most of today’s hard working anti-freezes are designed to be in your car for more than 5 years or at least 50,000 miles. Let us perform an evaluation your car’s cooling system to see if it’s time for a complete exchange, or ask us about the other coolant services that we provide.
From minor leaks to major air conditioning issues, we can fix any and all air conditioning problems. Don’t go through another summer or winter without your car having proper heat or air conditioning. We also provide excellent repair services for your brakes, electrical system, engine, suspension, tune-ups and transmission.
Just call (918) 834-1800 to schedule an appointment or email us and we’ll be happy to service your automobile repair needs.